Fish Camp

Today was Fish Camp. The students got their schedules and lockers and got a tour of the Ninth Grade Center. The main building is under construction, but the teachers and staff of Clear Lake High School are flexible, and we all will work around any complications that come our way.

Many of the kids looked excited. As much as they "hate" school, by now many are bored of the summer and ready to come back and see their friends.

I read an interesting article today based on a survey of over 10,000 students. One of their findings, which I already knew, is that students don't have the same view of school that teachers and parents have.

Teacher and parents see school as the students "job" and expect that to put their studies at the top of their list of priorities.

Students, however, see school as a social time interrupted six or seven times a day by classes. I've certainly seen that before, but I've also seen kids where the classes don't interrupt their social time, if you know what I mean.


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