Day One

The first day of school is usually uneventful. It's a chance for everyone to make first impressions. I try to impress upon the kids that the class can be easy or hard depending on how they want to make it.

I tell my students every year that it's easy to pass English I, but I always have a few students who don't do any work and don't pass. I can't help anyone who's not willing to put forth any effort.

Today, we talked about the rules. Some friends of mine got a new game this summer and invited me over to play. I asked to look at the rule book, but they said I could learn as I went along. At one point I was almost at the end when I did something wrong and had to go all the way back to start. I didn't think that was fair, and if I had known the rules, that wouldn't have happened.

SO.... We spend the first day of school going over the rules and expectations for class and school. The Student Handbook is online, and the kids went home today with a form for both parent and student signatures saying you have read it and understand it. You can request a hard copy from the school office.

The big things that get the kids are dress code, especially short skirts and piercings, and cell phones (not allowed).

Most of the kids seem ready to go. I had one talkative class, but they were just eager and excited.

All in all, it was a good first day.


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