Day Two

All this week first and second period will be shorter than the remaining classes. That poses a bit of a problem when scheduling class activities. Luckily, we're still in the "taking it easy" mode.

Today, we had question-and-answer time. Each class wondered about what supplies would be needed. Just the basics. Notebook paper, a binder to keep it in, and a pen. They might also want a highlighter, a pencil, Post-It® notes, and liquid paper (Wite Out®).

They filled out a "student information" sheet. You can also send me your contact information here.

I made a seating chart and passed out textbooks. (Not all classes/ students got textbooks. They will tomorrow.)

Then it was time for the first assignment. Check out the calendar at Mr. Skipper Dot Com for more about that.

The day went by rather slowly. The kids are failry well-behaved. The other teachers I've talked to have said the same thing, so we're all happy.


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