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wussup yall? nun ova this way juss listenin ta music n chillin...soooo how was eryones daaaaaaay? mines was pretty good...i woke up in tha best mood fa some reason...but yeah didnt do much of nethin taday...skool...home..then to pick up sumthin fa [Mary's] mom...then back home n chilled...then me n [Mary] went n got our tooooes did at tha nail place round tha corner lol...gurl tiiiiime....but chyuh that was ma LoVeLy daaaay!! interesting i kno....but yuh im yall!


Anonymous laura mccollough said...

hey mr skipper what is ur xanga thingy name? i cant find it. ok bye c u in 2nd period

5:00 PM  

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