August 26, 2005

I told the students to take out their vocabulary books and a piece of paper. For some students, this was a time to panic because they did not have a vocabulary book.

**Note: All high schools in CCISD are using the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary series for English. The PTA have been selling them at lunch, they are available at Barnes and Noble (Freshmen need Level D.) and they are available at They can use my copies during tutorials or study the words at Obtaining a copy of the workbook itself will help them do better on the quizzes and tests.***

I then gave them a surprise quiz over Units 10, 11, and 12.

Afterwards, we discussed what made the quiz so difficult:

1. It was a surprise, so they weren't prepared.
2. Some didn't have the book and couldn't have been prepared anyway.
3. Some brought their books (They had been told to.) but found it was still difficult because they had not studied.
4. The words are hard. (The words are words that are commonly encountered in the 11th grade.)

The students were happy to find out that the quiz did not count and was, instead, an object lesson.

They learned that in order to do well on the vocabulary, they'll need to get a book, work the exercises, and study.

Just to clarify: They will always know when the quizzes and tests are, so no surprises; Books are still available, so they will be able to prepare; Because they will know when the test is, they will be able to study (but won't be able to use the books); um.... the words will still be hard, but not as hard, because the kids will have studied and learned them!

Our first quiz is over Unit One on Friday, September 9.