Homework and Vocabulary

(Today, I returned some papers, talked about vocabulary and "The Most Dangerous Game.")

When students think of homework,they think of a specific assignment, usually some pen and paper task or a reading assignment. What they don't think about is general studying. In fact, when they are told to read something, they just read it and that's it. They don't actually do any studying.

Students should do more than just read a story. They need to read and think about it. They should identify the protagonist and the antagonist, the conflict, the climax, the resolution. These are the things I will expect them to know. Unfortunately, many students, after reading a story, don't even know who the main character is.

I strongly suggest printing out the handouts from my new LINKS page. Scroll down to "Short Stories."

VOCABULARY - The kids need to get a copy of the vocabulary book and study the exercises and words every night. They put two comments together and got a wrong conclusion.

1. They don't HAVE to buy a workbook. (They can borrow one from a friend or come to tutorials.)
2. I'm not grading the workbook itself. (The answers are online, and students copy from each other.)

This DOES NOT MEAN they don't need to do the exercises. They DO need to do them, and they WILL be responsible for them.

The due dates, quiz dates, and test dates are on the calendar.

It's 6:45. I have been here for 12 hours. I'm going home.


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