Day Three

Let's see. Today is Wednesday. I asked the kids today if it seemed to them that we'd been in school a long time already. They said yes, and I agree.

We do try to start working right off the bat. They had an essay (letter) to write last night, a timed writing today, and I believe they'll have homework for the weekend. I'd say 95% (or more) of my kids are doing fine. Some were able to type the first essay, some emailed it to me or brought it in on a disc for me to print. Unfortunately, there were also some who didn't do it.

It's day three and you might be surprised that some students are coming to class with no paper, no pen... This is not a good way to start the year.

Speaking of which, I've had at least one kid in each class ask about supplies. Here's what they will need:

notebook paper
a notebook (3-ring binder)
a pen (dark blue or black ink)

If they want to go beyond the basic, they could get

a pencil
a hi-lighter
Post-It notes.

They will also need three 3-brad folders for later in the year.


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