Day Four

The day began in such a funny way that I just had to write about it.

First period started, and I told all the kids to take their books out.

Not a SOUL had one. Not a single student had brought his or her book to class. So we wrote an essay.

I always forget that what seems obvious to me, like bring your English book to English class, is not always obvious to students.

So here's what to bring to English class:

English book
3-ring binder

Now we know :-)

**Second Entry for Day Four

Another fun thing about the first week of school is the record keeping.

On Day One, we received a class roster. I like to keep all my records (names, addresses, etc, book #'s, discipline...) on the computer, so I start typing them in on Day One. Throughout the day, new students join the class, some students transfer out, and others don't show up.

On Day Two, more students come in, some still haven't shown up, some tranfer out, and some say they will be tranferring out, but haven't yet. I have a couple who already have credit for English I and are trying to get into the right class.

So, the original roster continues to change.

Then, I have the online attendance record. It shows the names of students who have never come to class, the names of students who came once but haven't been seen since, and the names of new students who haven't shown up yet.

That leaves me, at the end of each day, trying to figure out who belongs on my list of names and who doesn't.

**First period wrote an essay about their future, since they didn't have their books. The other classess copied a list of literary terms and began writing the definitions.


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