First Test

Our first test is coming up on Thursday and covers four stories: The Sniper, The Most Dangerous Game, The Interlopers, and The Necklace. On Wednesday, I'll give them a study guide, but this is the only time I do this except for the Nine Weeks Test and the Semester Exam.

Since this is their first test, they may already be suffering from a bit of test anxiety and maybe this study guide will help alleviate that. For the next test, they'll know what to expect and won't need such an elaborate guide.

Not much else to say. I want to spend one more week on short stories and then I have to decide what comes next. We don't have enough copies of Animal Farm for every Freshmen to get one, so I can start something else with ALL of my students, or do half and half - half with Animal Farm and half with non-fiction or research.

We'll see.


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