It has been awhile since I've written. School has gotten rather busy.

The beginning of the year is always a challenge, because I have to continuously remind the students of certain things:

putting the correct heading on the paper
using a pen instead of a pencil
guidelines for formal writing

Freshmen teachers have to shape and prepare these guys for the rest of high school.

I'm also trying to teach them some independence.

The vocabulary requires the most initiative, because they do the majority of their preparation for that on their own. Their other responsibility is to keep up with their reading. The kids know what stories are coming up and what needs to be read at home. The scenario should be that the kids read at home, and I touch on important bits and pieces during class. I may read large passages or small passages, but it should always be at least a second reading for them.

If the kids do not read at home, they will not be successful.

Since you're reading this, you know about the website and you know about the calendar. Use it to prepare yourself or to prepare your child for class. We'll all be glad you did.


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