Grades, Grades, Grades

We talked about averages today, and I sought input from the students explaining why their averages were what they were.

Most of the students with low grades said, "I don't study." Others said they freeze up on the tests.

One of the things I recommended was for them to come to tutorials, so we could go over their tests item by item to see what happened.

For the average student though, if he or she is not doing well, it's because he/ she isn't doing enough studying.

Some students are weak in English, some are weak in math, some are weak in sports. Identifying our strengths and weaknesses allows us to focus the extra energy necessary to overcome that weakness.

The more the students know about themselves, the better able they will be to achieve success.

The more I know about them, the better able I will be to help them.

I told them it was like visiting the doctor. The more information the doctor can get, the more likely he'll be to find a cure.


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