Underestimating High School

A student just said what many freshmen realize, that he underestimated how much more difficult Ninth Grade is than Eighth Grade. "They" say the odd years are always the most difficult.

The students need to learn that they MUST study their assignments. I had one student say she doesn't have time to study for English, but that it doesn't matter if she doesn't learn this stuff because she's not getting a job in English. I told that if she doesn't pass, she's not getting a job anywhere.

Of course, I was being hyperbolic, but the truth is that students who don't learn to put forth the necessary effort to be successful will have a difficult time ahead of them.

The loss of school days this past week and a half will result in a serious need for students to buckle down for the next two weeks, because the end of the nine weeks will NOT be moved.

Check my calendar regularly to keep current with what we're doing.


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