The Research Project is a huge undertaking, especially if a student has never done research before. Fortunately, most of the students have done some research.

On second thought, though they may have done research for another class's project, it might not have been formal research using a variety of sources, source cards, note cards, Works Cited page, etc.

I will be putting my packet online soon.

Today was our first day in the library. Students who were up-to-date with their work had no problem. Students who decided to "start" today were in a jam.

By today, they should have already chosen a topic, narrowed it, developed their sub-topics, and done preliminary research. The assignment today was to go to the library, get an encyclopedia article on their topic, and make a source card.

Tomorrow, we will begin in the computer lab using the online card catalogue and accessing the Gale database of journal articles. (And creating two more source cards.)


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