January 9, 2005 (Monday) Notes

What is the difference between thinking and recalling?

Recalling (remembering)

  • old ideas
  • the past
  • someone else's ideas
  • multiple-choice tests


  • new ideas
  • present
  • your ideas
  • short answer/ essay

What is the difference between recalling and comprehending?
Comprehending is when you really understand it. You can remember that E=MC2, but not understand what it means. Your four year old niece may be able to count to ten in Spanish, but not be able to tell you what "seven" is in Spanish. She has memorized and can repeat, "Uno, Dos, Tres...", but that's it.

Too often in school, teachers only ask you to remember and recall information. In class, we may discuss ideas together and do our thinking as a group and when the test comes along, all you have to do is remember what ideas were discussed in class. Then even if you didn't read the assignment, you can still pass.

With a short answer item, it's harder to just guess or remember as you can with multiple-choice. That's why we're going to be doing more short answers and essays.

We will GO APE!!

A: Analyze the question Accurately
P: Provide Proof - Prove that your answer is correct using evidence, especially quotations, from the text.
E: Explain the Evidence - You need to show how your evidence does support your answer.

MYTHOLOGY - is the study of myths.

Myths are stories that

  • explain natural phenomena
  • entertain
  • teach morals (values)

Today, we learn our sense of right and wrong from
  • others - directly from parents, teachers, friends, religious leaders
  • observation - of the behavior and consequences of others
  • ourselves - as we learn from the positive and negative consequences of our own behavior
  • stories - Just as ancient civilizations used stories to teach values, so does modern society.


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